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Start Right 2.0

We have been using Start Right on all our corn acres since 2016. In 2015 we tried a few hundred acres of Start Right in-furrow and it averaged out to be 15 bu. better then what we were currently using in-furrow! Ever since then it has been on every acre of corn we grow. Ever year it will be tested against other products and so far to date no other product has come close to beating Start Right in-furrow! I highly recommend adding Start Right to everyone’s corn planting budget as we have seen huge financial gains while using Start Right. With tight prices and higher inputs every dollar and every bushel matters and that’s why our operation finds that Start Right is a must have in-furrow biological product!

Cory Atley, Advanced Yield, Cedarville, Ohio READ Start Right 2 Fact Sheet

Start Right

“In 2014 we used “Start Right” with some replicated trials in different locations. In each of these trials, the product illustrated increased root growth as well as yield. The yield was on average 7.5 to 9 bushels per acre greater than the control rows.”   [read more testimonials]
Neal Herr – Burnettsville, IN

Over the Top Cereal Crops

“Application was made at late boot stage just prior to head emergence.  There was a visual difference between treatments.”   [read full testimonial]
Brad Koen – Dewitt, AR

Over the Top Peanuts

“I and the individual who applied Over the Top peanuts were both harvesting the peanuts…we had a 1 to 2 point increase in grade.”   [read full testimonial]
Art Dorminy – Fitzgerald, GA

Cory Atley