Agro Logic was founded in 1991 to develop a market for biological-biostimulants utilizing humic acids and seaweed extract. Over the years additional stimulants have been added to include fermented plant extracts, enzymes, amino acids, natural diterpines, soil bacteria and fungi.

Early research indicated that seaweed was being applied on many different crops with varying degrees of success. Much of the documented studies were conducted in Europe. Humic substances particularly that derived from Leonardite ore were being studied with a growing interest in organic.

Our initial product introductions were in the Southeast, primarily the states of South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. Biostimulants were not well known at the time in this region. Early emphasis was placed on obtaining replicated studies with land grant universities on a wide range of crops to determine where the best responses would be reproductively and economically. The focus became peppers, onions, watermelons, cantaloupes, peanuts and cotton. All of which were high input crops. Product was being manufactured in Decatur, IL.

The late 1990’s were difficult times for some in the farm sector in the Southeast. The biostimulant industry had not been able to obtain much of a presence. Farmers had difficulty measuring the response the chemistry had on their crops, and the biostimulant industry did not have the support from the scientific community. During that time, yield monitors were being introduced for cotton, corn, soybeans, small grains and peanuts. With the help of new technology and a determination to bring this chemistry to the farm sector, Agro Logic began focusing on soybeans, wheat, corn and farmers who were utilizing precision farming practices.

In 1997 Dr. Ronnie Heiniger a NC ST University crop scientist from Kansas who had been at the university a few years, began his studies with us. It was to be his first trial work utilizing biostimulants. The trials continued through 2008. It was largely due to his trial work in soybeans, wheat and corn that emphasis was to be placed mainly on those crops for the years that were to follow.

In 2011 Agro Logic began manufacturing products near Memphis, Tennessee under the Agro Logic, LLC name. The company brought together individuals having education and experience in biostimulant formulation, chemistry, plant physiology, plant pathology, soil science, agricultural economics, marketing and international trade.

In 2015 the company name changed to AgBio Logic, LLC.