Most of our foliar products are called “Over The Top” with a sub title of the particular crop in question. i.e. “Over The Top” Soybeans. We attempt to provide what specific crops may need with changes to the N-P-K, micronutrients, and the percentages and types of stimulants used.

Our flagship soil applied product is “Start Right”.  It is mostly used as a compliment to a starter fertilizer or just with nitrogen. It is safe to the seed.

Application rates are from 16 ounces to 48 ounces depending on the crop to which applied. Some crops are recommended to have multiple applications. Plants utilize biostimulants in small amounts and give better response at critical stages of growth which are at planting and during its reproductive stage i.e. soybeans R-1 to R-3.

Products are compatible with most nutrients, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides with the exception to the ones containing soil bacteria which may be damaged with a fungicide. Certain biostimulants can enhance the use of some nutrients and herbicides.

A jar test if uncertain as to a combination of chemistry is recommended.

Agitation is recommended. Product may settle over time and remixing is necessary.

Products consist of organic acids, fermented plant extracts, seaweed extracts, enzymes, and soil bacteria with the following benefits to the soil and plants:

  • Promotes the conversion of elements for plant use
  • Enzyme and hormone systems are intensified
  • Improves the soil physical properties
  • promotes cell division of both root and stem
  • inhibits build up of ethylene in plants during stress
  • acts as elicitors which activates the plant’s immune defense system